Market Access & Strategy Planning
Methodological and strategic advice
Preparation for formal HTA scientific advice
Critical review of your HTA submission
Review, critique and development
Review and critique of existing economic models
Economic Evidence Development Early economic modelling and threshold analyses
Budget impact models
Global economic models
Adapting economic models
Survival modelling and extrapolation
Systematic Review of Evidence Systematic reviews and interpretation
Structured and targeted literature reviews
Network meta-analyses and indirect
Clinical Studies Designing Designing clinical studies
Designing data collection forms
Sample size estimation
Patients recruitment consultations
Real-world Data Analysis Parametric and non-parametric survival analysis
Health care utilization data analysis
Health outcome and quality of life data analysis
Quality of life data mapping to EQ-5D
Epidemiological data analysis
Analysing data from registries and cohort studies
Value Communication Tools
Health Economics and Outcome Research
Training and workshops
Conference presentations
Internal communication strategies and tools