A blend of experience from consultancy, industry and academia

Prof Dr Bertram Häussler

Prof Dr. Bertram Häussler is head of the IGES group. He is an honorary professor at the Technical University of Berlin for Economics of the Pharmaceutical Industry. His scientific focus is on industrial economics, health economics, health care research, benefit assessment, and drug development.

Dr Amir Ansaripour

Associate Director

Dr. Amir Ansaripour (PharmD., Ph.D.) is a pharmacist and health economist. He has collaborated with most of the top pharma companies by developing cost-effectiveness models for new products for various diseases.
His Ph.D. research focused on cost-effectiveness analyses, modeling, and reimbursement policy analysis. During the past years, he has applied various methods such as questionnaire/survey analysis, Matching-adjusted indirect comparisons (MAICs), data mining on a large claims database, real-world cost analysis, Markov modeling, pharmaceutical pricing, and market access strategy in his projects.

Dr Mehdi Javanbakht

Chief Executive Officer

Mehdi holds a Ph.D. in Health Economics and has over 15+ years of experience in the Health Technology Assessment (HTA) field.  He used to work as an Evidence Review Group (ERG) member for NICE. Mehdi has built over 120 health economic evaluation models from scratch for different diseases (Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, Ophthalmology, …) and has published over 130 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He has a strong commercial sense and in-depth knowledge of modeling.


Atefeh Mashayekhi

Head of Evidence Synthesis Team

Atefeh is the head of the Evidence Synthesis team at Optimax Access, she worked as an Evidence Synthesis Analyst at NIHR Innovation Observatory for several years. She has a strong background in health economics and Evidence Synthesis and has successfully managed several systematic review projects as part of  NICE HTA submissions for pharmaceutical and medical devices companies. She has also published several Cochrane systematic reviews.


Eoin Moloney

Senior Health Economist and Evidence Synthesis Specialist

Eoin Moloney (MSc) is a senior health economist and evidence synthesis specialist, with 10 years of experience in academia and industry. He has worked across a wide range of clinical disease areas, focussing on the cost-effectiveness and budget-impact of a variety of medical and pharmaceutical interventions. He has a strong track record of publications in high-impact clinical and economic journals and an in-depth understanding of the methods required to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of new technologies.

Scientific advisors

Professor Maziar Moradi-Lakeh

Head of Clinical Research Team
Maziar is a Medical Doctor with post-graduate studies in health metric and evaluation. He has been a consultant for several international organizations, governments, and companies. Maziar has contributed to publishing more than 180 papers in peer-reviewed journals.