Multiple Technology Appraisal (MTA)

A Multiple Technology Appraisal (MTA) conducted by the UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) involves a comparison between one or more technologies across one or more indications of interest. The evidence assessment for an MTA is carried out by an independent academic group known as the Assessment Group (AG).

Key aspects of the MTA process include:

– Evidence Submission: Formal consulates, including technology sponsors, clinical experts, NHS commissioning experts, and patient representatives, are invited to provide submissions.

– Extended Timeline: The MTA process is approximately 16 weeks longer than the single technology assessment (STA) process, making it more time-consuming.

– Independence of Timings: Due to the longer timeline and the independence of marketing authorisation timings for new medicines for the same indications, MTAs are less common than STAs for pharmaceutical therapies.

Detailed guidance on the MTA process is available in the 2014 process guide, which can be accessed [here]

The MTA process ensures a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of multiple technologies, providing robust recommendations that aid in informed decision-making for healthcare interventions.