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    Real-World Data Analysis

    Healthcare Data Analysis

    As a health consultancy company, we are aware of the importance of robust clinical and economic evidence when developing an HTA submission dossier. Using real-world data analysis, we assist our clients to develop a coherent and strong value dossier, build a realistic economic model, and demonstrate the added value that their products or services offer to their target healthcare markets.
    Our team works to identify the most relevant and appropriate real-world data from reliable evidence sources. We then utilize this information to perform a range of different types of analyses to address our clients’ needs and expectations.

    Parametric and Non-Parametric Survival Analysis

    Optimax Access team has over 15 years of experience in implementing parametric and non-parametric survival analyses to estimate the comparative effectiveness of new products. We analyze both patient-level data and digitalized, published Kaplan Maier graphs and use these to extrapolate results over the long term. Such analyses may be used to understand the long-term effectiveness of a health care intervention. An economic model may then be developed using this information to understand the lifetime cost-effectiveness of your technology.

    Healthcare Utilization Data Analysis

    Our analysts translate available healthcare data into meaningful evidence that helps our clients better assess the economic and clinical potential of their technology. We rely on different sources of data such as claims and billing data, insurance data, and data on the frequency of service use by patients with the condition of interest. Our team will help you to collect and interpret these data to develop a strong foundation on which you can base your HTA submission.

    Health Outcome and Quality-of-Life Data Analysis and Quality of Life Data Mapping to EQ-5D

    Health outcome analysis enables our clients to identify how their product, device or service improves and adds value to the healthcare industry and to patients. A health outcome analysis assesses the change in the health status of an individual or a population attributable to a given healthcare intervention, thus helping our clients create a solid value proposition for their product or service. Performing such analyses while also considering patient quality-of-life, provides our clients with a clear understanding of how their product or service impacts patient outcomes.
    Where data on patient quality-of-life has been collected using condition-specific tools, we offer the services to transfer or ‘map’ such outcomes to a generic quality-of-life measure such as the EuroQol (EQ-5D).

    Epidemiological Data Analysis

    Optimax Access team of analysts aim to provide you with accurate insights into the needs of the global healthcare market by performing detailed, epidemiological data analyses. We identify key data from reliable sources, including data from local and international health surveillance bodies, to help you to better understand the occurrence and distribution of health and relevant conditions in your population of interest. This will allow your company to make informed choices related to project-prioritization, while also allowing you to better understand the impact that your innovation may have on a particular market.

    Registry and Cohort Studies Data Analysis

    Optimax Access team has significant experience in clinical study design, data collection and data analysis. Advising and assisting our clients on the appropriate design of clinical studies, including cohort studies, ensures that they will collect the most relevant data for analysis and demonstrate clinical effectiveness. We also offer disease registry analysis, both hospital and population-based, according to your needs. Registry analysis will allow you to capture relevant information about patients diagnosed with the condition of interest, and results from such analyses will provide you with valuable information to inform your research and clinical study design.


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    As a health consultancy company, we are aware of the importance of robust clinical and economic evidence when developing an HTA submission dossier.
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