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    Value Communication Tools

    Publishing your research in a high-impact clinical or scientific journal is one of the best and most effective ways of disseminating your findings and publicising the value of your product or service to decision-makers and the wider community. Our expertise in research publication has enabled us to achieve over 150 publications in 14 disease areas across several high-impact clinical and economic journals, to date. Our team of consultants will ensure that your technology receives the required recognition by helping to publish your research findings in high-impact peer-reviewed journals. 

    One of the most effective ways to ensure that your health technology is recognised, accepted, and endorsed by the scientific community is to publish your research findings in a high-impact journal. We will help you to select the most appropriate journal for your target market and ensure that the publication is written to the highest scientific standard.


    What is Included

    Web Application and Data Visualisation Packages

    Communicating your results and demonstrating the value of your innovation should be done in a simple and clear manner. At Optimax Access, we have gathered the best information technology experts and professionals to assist our clients in developing the optimal communication tools for their HEOR and company overall. We develop packages to help our clients share compelling and valuable information:

    • Web application: Publishing results and evidence online not only saves time and money but allows our clients to achieve wider dissemination. Our web application package includes the creation of an online platform on which our client’s economic model, clinical and economic evidence, and global value dossier are uploaded. We use the best SEO and visual tools to help you to maximise exposure.


    • Data visualisation: Deciding on the best way to present your research findings and data can be a challenge. Our statisticians and IT consultants will assist you in developing the most effective data visualisation tools to increase your visibility within the healthcare community, and in ensuring that the maximum number of health consumers understand the message that you wish to convey with your data.

    Training and Workshops

    Networking is a valuable tool when it comes to building trust and credibility for your MedTech or Pharma product or service. One of our objectives at Optimax Access is to strengthen relationships between our clients and medical professionals who may have an interest in the client’s products or services. As part of our mission, we collaborate with our clients to arrange coordinated training and workshops, as well as research initiatives. Such activities allow for the creation of:

    • Training programmes: By setting up coordinated training programmes and workshops between our clients and relevant healthcare professionals, we aim to further scientific collaboration.

    • Easy communication between healthcare professionals: We design strategies so that research findings can be easily communicated during training and workshops. We provide an opportunity for our clients to share information about their company, as well as to provide details of their research amongst a community of peers and healthcare providers.

    Presentation at Conferences

    Clinical and scientific conferences are an excellent way for you to disseminate research findings associated with your technology, while networking with important stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Over the years, Optimax Access has generated a large network of medical and health event organisers, and we have experience in assisting our clients to share their results at national and international conferences. Involvement at conferences may include:

    • Keynote speaking engagement: We will arrange for your health technology project spokesperson to be featured as a keynote speaker at the conference(s) of your choice. At a keynote presentation, your health innovation will be the focus for many healthcare professionals, scientists, and decision-makers worldwide.

    • Panel presentation: Presenting your results during a panel session will not only allow you to present your research data but also to defend and discuss your research findings amongst a collection of healthcare peers.

    Internal Communication Strategies and Tools

    Improving your internal communication ensures more efficient processes and better understanding between team members, leading to improved output. Our team of communication consultants and information technology specialists will support you in assessing your internal communication needs, developing the right tools and strategies for your company, and monitoring their implementation within your company. We develop the tools and strategies required to achieve excellent team communication and maximise output from your research projects. Our experts also work to develop encrypted and secure tools to guarantee your data security and confidentiality. Such communication strategies and tools include:

    • Intranet platforms: We design and help you implement the tools required to optimise communication between team members within your organisation.

    • Data sharing platforms: We help develop and implement the platforms required to ensure that your team can share data in a timely and secure manner.

    • Data communication pathways: Our team will develop processes to make communication easier between different services and levels of hierarchy, within your company.

    • Research monitoring tools: Monitoring your research in real-time guarantees effective communication between field scientists and project managers, and in turn promotes cost-effective and time-effective project co-ordination.


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    Publishing your research in a high-impact clinical or scientific journal is one of the best and most effective ways of disseminating your findings.
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