Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs)

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are reports directly from patients about their health, condition, and related aspects, provided without any input, suggestions, or interpretation from doctors, family, friends, or other individuals. PROs encompass a wide range of dimensions, including symptoms, health status, quality of life, treatment satisfaction, and medication adherence.

Key aspects of PROs include:

– Direct Patient Reports: PROs are solely made by patients, ensuring that the information reflects their personal experiences and perceptions.

– Multidimensional Aspects: PROs can cover various aspects of a patient’s health and treatment experience, whether single-dimensional (e.g., symptom severity) or multidimensional (e.g., overall quality of life).

– Use in Clinical Trials: PROs are frequently recorded in clinical trials using validated instruments to measure the impact of interventions from the patient’s perspective.

PROs provide invaluable insights into how patients perceive their health and the effectiveness of treatments, offering a crucial complement to clinical and objective measures in healthcare research and practice.