Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) are a critical function within pharmaceutical and life science companies, focused on generating evidence to demonstrate the value of new interventions to reimbursement agencies and local healthcare payers. The ‘Health Economics‘ (HE) component primarily involves skills in economic evaluation, while ‘Outcomes Research‘ (OR) encompasses expertise in observational studies and the development and use of new health outcomes measurements, particularly patient-reported outcomes (PROs).

HEOR professionals play several key roles:

– Trial Design: Advising on the design of clinical trials to meet the specific requirements of healthcare payers.

– Study Execution: Overseeing and ensuring the execution of various studies and analyses, including meta-analyseseconomic modelling, and observational studies, often in collaboration with external researchers.

– Communication: Disseminating study results both internally within the company and externally to stakeholders.

– Submissions: In country-specific roles, creating and delivering submissions to reimbursement agencies or local healthcare payers.

HEOR teams work closely with Market Access specialists to ensure that new interventions are positioned effectively in the healthcare market, demonstrating their economic value and impact on health outcomes. This collaboration is essential for securing reimbursement and facilitating patient access to new treatments.